The Tamar Valley is naturally blessed with one of the purest environments in the world. Our pristine air and fresh, cool climate encourages a love affair with terroir.

Terroir is a French word that refers to how the general characteristics of a specific location can influence the taste and quality of something as delicate and exciting as wine.

Tamar Valley winemakers will tell you of their love affair with the valley’s terrior – the unique characteristics of the soil we grow in. Vastly different even from the sea to the slopes, the valley’s unifying characteristic is the rich and fertile soil, blessed with gentle rains that sweep in from the west, straight off the vast expanse of the wild Southern Ocean.

Terroir also describes the idea that good wine cannot be simply reproduced anywhere in the world with grapes and a standard set of agricultural practices. It’s the whole picture – soil type, sun exposure, altitude, weather, technique, passion and commitment.

Wine lovers and wine makers alike will tell you that terroir is the very essence of wine and in The Tamar Valley we have terroir in abundance.